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Thank you for attending our casting event today! We will work diligently through all the submissions and send out letters to those who have been selected within one week from the casting date.  Please assure that you check your spam folder. Any email communication will come from The Garment League or our social media pages.  Be sure to follow!

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Are you a TGL Member? 

There are many perks to being a part of The League. The Garment League presents a selection of fashion memberships crafted to accommodate the varied interests in the fashion community. Upon opting for our premium paid membership, subsequent to the processing of your subscription, you shall receive an email containing login instructions for seamless access to our member page. 

Find more info on how to sign up here.

Model Development Classes Available 

Model Workshops - Runway Mastery is a focused program designed to enhance modeling skills, emphasizing runway walking, model stance, and posing techniques. Open to all experience levels, this class offers personalized feedback, practical runway drills, and insights into professional presentation. Elevate your modeling prowess and make a lasting impression in the dynamic world of fashion.

Available for Adult and Youth Models. 

Find more info on how to sign up here.

Fashion Classes & Workshops

Discover the art of fashion with our recurring Fashion and Design Classes, specially crafted for all ages.

Find more info on how to sign up here.


It takes the help of the Community to aid in our educational programs and resources.  Your help goes a long way and we are so appreciative of your support. 


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