Meet The Team

Tricee Thomas

Founder / President

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Tricee Thomas is the Founder of The Garment League who is a graduate of the well-known Fashion Institute of New York City as well as  Designer and Professional Wardrobe Stylist.  Her love for fashion and the desire to make a difference in the industry is what drives her. It's been over 26 years of passion poured into her trade. With her credentials and expertise, she's sure to make a mark in the City bringing fashion programs and fashion education for the City, while giving back to the Community.

Jillian Donegan

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Jillian  developed a deep passion for charitable work many years ago and finally  found her true match with The Garment League. Within the last 2 years, she has developed a strong sense of devotion for the nonprofit sector. The Garment League  allows her to showcase her creative talents from time to time, but also her business savvy.

Jillian has shown her dedication to being an advocate for supporting the arts and being a fully invested board member with goals to keep growing and glowing. The Garment League has been a major milestone in her life and has given her an opportunity to apply herself to understanding the various levels of the fashion industry with the intention to be a valuable asset to the organization.

Ken Thomas

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Ken Thomas is retired Military with a background in finance and a phenomenal sense of style. Since retiring, Ken began styling men and image consulting for the Tricee Thomas Style Agency. One of his desires is being able to support local Foundations by helping to raise capital and awareness. He believes in the mission of The Garment League and supports the initiate to pour back into our City through fashion.

Vice Chair

Chief Financial Officer

Shay Walker

Board of Directors 

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Shay Walker is a young successful entrepreneur specializing in Artist Development and Management in the music industry. His work and knowledge in this business and love for creating emerging Talent into successful Artists has proved to be an amazing addition to The Garment League.

Stephen Roussel

Advisory /  Board of Directors

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Stephen Roussel hails from the East Coast but has also lived in Seattle and internationally.  From a young age, he was involved with dance and theater as both a student and then a choreographer.  Stephen draws creative inspiration from his time with the arts and is excited to contribute to the growing art scene of Phoenix!

Stephen studied business marketing and Spanish at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania. He studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain, deepening his grasp and understanding of the Spanish arts, architecture, and overall culture.  Upon graduation, he joined the Peace Corps and lived abroad in Guatemala facilitating agricultural marketing among indigenous farmers with Save The Children.  This further peaked his interest in the arts, especially with textiles and the fashion of the indigenous population. 

Stephen is the Sales and Marketing Manager for The Capital Grille and has been with the company for almost 10 years.  His passion for business marketing and the food industry has helped him achieve his goal of working with the world’s largest full service restaurant company.  He also sits on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Restaurant Association. 


Lea Zibeth

Community Liaison 

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Her strongest quality is story telling. She believes this applies to any career in any field; communicating your company/organization’s message (their story) in clarity using Logos, Ethos and Pathos as a structural guide. Another compelling quality of Lea's is being able to read her environment and the people she's communicating with, she believes that "you have to know and continue to study your audience because everything does not apply to everyone the same way."

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