Dollhouse FAQ

What are the dates and times for the fashion camp?

We offer one and two week sessions through the summer months and Saturday workshops through the school year to accomodate our campers. Typically during the summer, we meet Monday - Friday from 9am-2pm. During the school year, we meet on Saturdays for 6-8 hours each week for six weeks.

What ages can attend the camp?

We start our ages at 8 years of age, however, we have had campers who have successfully completed at 6 years of age. Each camper works at there skillset and their own pace. Please contact us to inquire about additional ages.

How can my child apply for a sponsorship?

Each camper will be required to complete writing material expaining their passion for the industry and why they want to attend. Please contact our office at 480-771-5522 or email us and we will provide the application to be completed and returned to us.

Can I sponsor my own child for camp?

While we have sponsorships to assists all youth to be able to attend, you are able to sponsor your own child. Please speak with our administrative staff for any tax related information.

How can my business sponsor children for the camp?

We welcome your business to support and sponsor our cause. We are passionate about every child being able to have the opportunity to be creative and shine. With your help, you will enable dreams to come true. You are able to sponsor by clicking here or you may contact us. We thank you in advance.

Is there lunch provided for the campers?

We do provide light snacks such as muffins and bagels along with juice and water bottles. We do allow snacks through out the day at the workstations. It is recommended that each camper bring their favorite snack from home. Lunch should also be packed for each camper to bring to the facility (microwave and refrigerator on site). Please note that there are several lunch venues in the area that can accommodate as well. (If assistance with lunch is needed, please contact our administrator for details.)

What materials are provided?

We cater all material and supply usage which may include sewing machines, measuring tapes, fabrics, embellishments, cameras, button lignes, swatches, croquis, fashion form and so many more related items that are used in the industry.

Could you provide more information on the fashion showcase?

The fashion showcase is a celebration of completion for our campers. We invite family, friends and sponors to join us for an afternoon of fashion, runway, and art presentations.

What is the cost for each camper?

The cost for each camper is $795. This amount covers all fashion/art materials and supplies.

What forms of payments ar accepted?

We accept credit cards, checks and business accounts. For cash payments please contact our administrator for help.

If I have additional questions, how do I contact you?

We welcome any further questions that you may have. Please contact us at 480-771-5522 or send us an email and we will be in touch shortly.